Sidiq Aldi

Fullstack Developer
with a cup of coffee creates something creative ~

About me

I'm Web Developer who love do others creative work not only about IT. Started my professional career in IT since 2015. Need advice about Web or just sharing? please contact me. Want to meet in person? I'm currently in Jogja, let's get some coffee!

  • - Coding get paid for doing it ~
  • - Drawing just happy to do it :)
  • - Coffee help me in doing those two things :D

Recent Work

There is sample of my work. Sorry I can't publish all :(. but here we go some simple project!.
Sunset in the mountains

Simple group chat. No login just input username & channel name. Need some bugfix :p

Sunset in the mountains

Free! Online test platform. Check on my Github for the source code.

Non-profit Project
Sunset in the mountains

Playing with youtube API for manage your own youtube playlist without login to google account :)


Contact Me

Sidiq Aldi Ginanjar
Contact via social media or my Email :)